Making leather gloves is our passion, but we're also committed to giving back to others

On 25 April 2015, Nepal was hit by a massive earthquake. 9,000 people died and 3.5 million were suddenly homeless.

Large-scale aid came quickly, but global aid to Nepal soon faded into the background. Aid is still coming, but it's not enough.

The poverty and damage caused by the earthquake are still a major problem for the people of Nepal. Many children's lives have been destroyed. They've lost parents and have no chance at an education. Employment opportunities for young people are hard to come by.

We’ve decided to help the children and young women affected by the earthquake and extreme poverty.

What are we doing to help?

We’ve partnered with The Nepal Youth Foundation to help orphans and young women. These children lost their parents in the earthquake and the women are often rescued from slavery and human trafficking.

The Nepal Youth Foundation is building a future for these Nepalese children. They provide them with education, housing, food, and clothes and help the women learn a trade that will allow them to earn money and become independent.

Our partnership: We donate 1% of our profits

At Schwartz & von Halen, we help our customers stay warm, all winter long. We believe that everyone should be warm and comfortable in the winter. That's what we bring to Nepal, as well.

The money we donate is used to buy warm clothes for the children and young women, so they can stay warm each winter, too.

Will you join us? With every purchase from Schwartz & von Halen, we donate 1% of our profits to the Nepal Youth Foundation community.

Every child in the village will be given their own set of clothes to get through the winter. The remaining money is used to educate the children and help women start their own businesses.

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